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Harry H (Hank) Haldeman

40+ years in Wholesale & Specialty insurance, most recently President of Worldwide Programs for Amwins and member of the executive leadership team of its Underwriting Division ($3B in annual premium). Throughout his career, Hank has led wholesale broker operations, specialty program underwriting operations, new products development, and corporate integration at major firms. Hank is a lauded industry leader, in E&S trade associations, including CIAB and CIWA, and Past President of WSIA (formerly NAPLSO).


Vision <> Operation

Corporate Strategy

  • Solve problems – from people to products
  • Identify business opportunities and “see” the strategic next steps
  • Design execution plans
  • Enhance understanding of the business and competitors

Mergers, Acquisition and Integration

  • Identification of buyer and seller targets
  • Corporate integration – strategy, operations, cultural combination, infrastructure investment and implementation

Product Development

  • New insurance products for insurance industry, e.g. new coverage, evolution of existing coverage, application of existing coverages to emerging risks
  • Identify needs > validate needs > beta product and testing > identifying insurers and capital for partnership/placement

Program Due Diligence

  • Assist to identify and qualify insurance programs and program administrators for capital providers

Additional Competencies

  • Regulatory compliance
  • AM Best DUA

Work with Hank

Ongoing Consulting Engagement

Interim Executive Staff

e.g. leadership transition roles

Hourly Consultation

Strategic Leadership and Facilitation

e.g. corporate retreats, executive strategy sessions


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